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Healthy Nation 2011 - 2nd International Forum of Health, Beauty and 100 Years Life will be held at International Exhibition Centre, Kiev, Ukraine

2-4 March, 2011 - Kiev, Ukraine

Fecha de inicio 02/03/2011 Inicio    Fin  
Sede Kiev, UcraniaLocalidadKievUcrania

Medicina EstéticaMédicos: Medicina Estética
GestiónOtros: Gestión - Salud y Nuevas Tecnologías
FórumTipo: Fórum
InternacionalÁmbito/Alcance: Internacional
Kiev, UcraniaVer en el mapaKiev

 Healthy Nation Ukraine 2011
International Forum of Health, Beauty and 100 years life

Healthy Nation Ukraine 2011 will be held 2 - 4 March 2010 in the International Exhibition Center (Kiev, 15 Brovarsky Ave.) with the support of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, and will become an annual event starting since 2010.

The main target of the Forum is to educate the citizens of Ukraine of a healthy lifestyle, active sports and recreation, as well as promotion on the Ukrainian market up to dated technologies and equipment for medical and preventive institutions of the Ukrainian experts familiar with the latest technology of energy saving and environment.

The Forum is aimed at the realization of national program "Healthy Nation", whose main aim is to improve the quality and length of active life of the population of Ukraine thanks to improving of medical services to the population, the promotion of healthy lifestyles, which provides activity, good nutrition, and avoidance of harmful habits.

Healthy Nation Forum is an absolutely new concept of the exhibition in Ukraine. This event also brings together several industries, working in the fields of health, ecology and resource conservation, healthy and active lifestyle, as well as the production of bioproducts.

During three days at the International Exhibition Center at the Forum will work the following main exhibition areas: Life Line, Quality of Life and Tempo of Life, in which sections will be presented:

Medic Life (medical equipment, preparations, consumables), Dent Life (Dentistry), New Life (Maternity. Transfusional medicine and blood products. Diseases prevention. Rehabilitation), Aesthetic Life (Plastic Surgery. Cosmetology. SPA technologies and equipment);

Bio Life (Natural foods and beverage products), Eco Life (Placement & environment ecology. Energy conservation), Style Life (Modern clinic & services. Insurance), Tour Life (Health – improving and business tourism. Education & recreation); Water Life (Boats, motor boats, yachts. Diving. Surfing), Active Life (Equipment for fitness & sport centers).

Particular attention will be paid to dentistry, where the first section Dent Life will feature a special exhibition of dental laboratories. In the frame of Medic Life profile special expositions Pharmacology and Transplantation will be held.

A separate exposition Tour Life (Medical and health tourism) represent the leading domestic SPA and health resorts of the Carpathian region, the Crimea and Zacarpathie. In the frame of the Forum Spa-vacation in Ukraine conference will be held.

During the Forum Healthy Nation Ukraine 2010 an extensive scientific program will be organized : seminars and conferences, master classes of Ukrainian and foreign experts, presentations of the updated technologies and products. This will give additional opportunity for communication and exchange between Ukrainian and foreign experts, addressing topical issues on a number of national programs for the improvement and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

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